Map: Where Schools Are Reopening Across the Country

One year after COVID-19 has changed life as we know it, things are slowly but surely returning to normal for Americans. About 46% of all Americans have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Daily cases are decreasing dramatically and hospitalizations and deaths are dropping to low numbers.  Along with these hopeful changes, […]

Can Plexiglass Barriers Help Reduce The Risk Of COVID?

As we continue to deal with the global COVID-19 pandemic, the question on whether plexiglass can help reduce the risk of COVID remains.

How to Talk About COVID Safety to Your Students

There are several important points to remember when talking to children about COVID safety. Here are some of them.

Sarah Marshall Boone | Celebrating Black History Month

The next time you iron your clothes, thank Sarah Boone, the inventor of an improved ironing board.

8 COVID Safety Tips to Prepare for School Reopening

In line with the CDC’s school reopening guidelines update, we compiled a list of mitigation strategies to help protect students, teachers, and staff, and slow the spread of COVID-19.

For COVID Safety, Remember Your ABCs

What better way to remember the key rules for COVID safety than with the letters ABC: Avoid, Block, and Clean.

Marie Van Brittan Brown | Celebrating Black History Month

Homes and businesses are safer today thanks to the invention of Marie van Brittan Brown—the first home security system.

Garrett Morgan | Celebrating Black History Month

This week, we are featuring the life of Garrett A. Morgan, a prolific inventor and entrepreneur from Cleveland, who developed, among other things, the predecessors of the modern gas mask and traffic signal.

How to Clean Plexiglass Barriers

Because of their important role in keeping public spaces safe, we need to clean plexiglass barriers regularly. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Granville Woods | Celebrating Black History Month

For Black History Month, This week, we look at the life of Granville Woods, premier inventor and firefighter from Cincinnati, who was hailed as the “Black Thomas Edison”.

How to Save Thousands of Dollars on New Construction

There are many benefits of using LumAware energy-free exit signs for new building construction. First of all there is the cost of the traditional electric exit signs. Those cost can range from $30-40 for entry-level plastic ones all the way up to $700+ for the nicer edge-lit Lucite exit signs. However, this is where the […]

Photoluminescence – Electric Free Alternative Lighting Technology

               There are several different types of luminous technologies: Bioluminescence: A biological mechanism within living organisms. An example most of us are familiar with are fireflies: Fireflies can use their natural biology to emit light. Another example would be phytoplankton: Phytoplankton is microscopic plants. During certain times of the year, you can take a canoe ride through dark […]

From an Empty Desk to an Antique Firehouse

I’ve walked into the MN8 HQ building hundreds if not thousands of times over the last 5+ years but today was different. I opened the front door early this morning and as I turned on the lights I was taken aback to see nothing on the walls in the hallway. The hundreds of firefighter patches that used […]

Dangers – Are you using nuclear exit signs?

Tritium exit signs are very dangerous products that are out in the market and still being used today. The problem with tritium exit signs is that they use a nuclear gas, called either tritium or radium, which will glow in the dark similar to photoluminescence. Benefits of tritium exit signs: Do not require an external source of light […]

Evolution of Exit Sign Technology

TYPES OF EXIT SIGNS There are over 100 million exit signs in the United States. You’ll find them above nearly every door you walk through, shining steadily. Here we will cover the various types of exit signs you’re likely to see. Old incandescent bulbs Believe it or not, Old incandescent bulbs are still available and […]

Electric Exit Signs VS Photoluminescent Exit Signs

There have been significant improvements in electrical emergency lighting. For example, LED exit signs are more energy-efficient than traditional compact fluorescent lights. However, even LED exit signs need energy, light bulbs, batteries, and constant maintenance. With over 100 million electric exit signs in use in the United States, there is a tremendous opportunity to improve […]

Power Failure-It Happened Again

Recently power was lost at one of our nations airports. Read more about this incident here: Blackouts can happen at anytime or place. Failing to plan can be the same as planning to fail. Learn more about how LumAware can help reduce the risks associated with losing power.   Airport Blackout

From A Car Trunk to The Home Depot

Seven years ago, I started a journey to transform the world with photoluminescent technology. After serving in the US Marine Corps infantry, I joined my local volunteer fire department as I wanted to continue my service to not just my country but also my local community. For me the decision to serve has always been […]

LumAware wins Cincy Magazine Manny Award for New Product Development/Innovation

MN8 LumAware was recently awards Best New Product Development/Innovation by Cincy Magazine during their annual MANNY Awards event. Cincy Magazine MANNY Awards, which celebrates manufacturing excellence in the Tristate, come in many sizes and product categories, but what they share is a reliance on good ideas and good people. MN8 was selected based on the […]

Photoluminescent Tech Revolutionizes Safety Measures Worldwide Through SBA Export Program

In 2010, Zachary Green created photoluminescent firefighting equipment to help him in his duties as a volunteer firefighter for the city of Wyoming, Ohio. He found that the steady glow from the equipment improved visibility in the dark, creating safer situations for emergency responders. Through the SBA exporting program, he was able to expand his business, delivering glow-in-the-dark safety equipment to 25 different countries.

What Happens When The Back-Up Plan Fails

Kroger, the world’s third-largest retailer with $110 billion in sales and a 35-state footprint, is increasing investment in its own stores – more than $4 billion to open new stores, expand or renovate old supermarkets. As part of this plan, Kroger enlisted fellow member of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber MN8®, developer of photoluminescent safety products, to install its LumAware® energy-free exit signs at all new and renovated Kroger stores nationwide.

Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Fire

On July 25th, 2015 a massive fire quickly engulfed the pool deck of the Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino on the famous Las Vegas Strip. If it were not for the quick and heroic efforts of the CCFD ( Clark County Fire Department), this incident could have been much worse. The Cosmopolitan fire put off an incredible amount of thick black smoke because of the high heat and flames created by the burning foam-made trees and plastic cabanas around the pool deck.

Top 50 Reasons Back-Up Generators Fail

LinkedIn’s Facilities Management Group (68,000+ members) recently asked the question “What are the most common diesel generator failures that you have come across?”. There were close to 200 responses that stated or implied 50 different reasons.