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There have been significant improvements in electrical emergency lighting. For example, LED exit signs are more energy-efficient than traditional compact fluorescent lights. However, even LED exit signs need energy, light bulbs, batteries, and constant maintenance. With over 100 million electric exit signs in use in the United States, there is a tremendous opportunity to improve electric exit signs.

Some of the challenges with electric exit signs are: 

1. They are expensive to use and maintain

Usually, electric exit signs have to be powered by generators or batteries. Backup generators can fail anytime, without warning. Not only have you lost the source of emergency lighting, but you have the exit signs off too.

Also, with batteries, you will need constant replacement to make the signs work effectively. This can cost 10 to 30 dollars per sign. Meanwhile, you will also have to call and pay someone who will help replace it. This makes exit signs quite expensive to maintain and sometimes unreliable.

2. Consumes lots of energy

Electric signs are always soaking up energy because they need to be on 24/7. Meanwhile, moving to higher efficient LED signs doesn’t stop this energy consumption.

3. NFPA requirements

In the US, you’re meant to test all-electric exit signs for 30 seconds once in a month and 90 minutes once a year. This test is essential because, in case of emergencies, if you can’t provide the testing logs, you can fall into heavy fines and damages.

Also, if the fire department comes in for inspection and finds than an electric light is not working, you will fall into trouble for fire code violations.

4. They do not last a long time

LED bulbs last longer than fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, however, they don’t last forever, especially if they are going to be on 24/7. They get overworked, get hot, eventually, burn out their capacitors, and they may only last a few years.

So what is the alternative?

There’s a better alternative to electric exit signs, and that is photoluminescent exit signs. They don’t require light bulbs, electricity, monthly testing, or even batteries.


Lumaware signs are a type of photoluminescent exit sign. They last long, have up to 25 years of life expectancy and need little to no maintenance.

Also, Lumaware signs come in different aesthetically pleasing styles and designs. This includes a Green and Brushed Aluminum background exit sign using a poly-metal material and a patented Lucite Clear and Mirrored finish, something no other company has.  

Another thing that makes Lumaware unique is that our products are made in America by the Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Our products are UL listed and tested to meet the UL standard, which is required in the IBC, IFC, and NFPA codes. 


Electric exit signs not only consume lots of energy but are costly to maintain and cause trouble when it comes to emergencies.

Lumaware signs are easier to maintain, last longer, and do not need electricity or batteries. With the various designs and styles, be sure our products are added-aesthetic to your buildings.

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